If you’re wondering “Is there a scrap yard near me?” then you’re not alone

Is there a scrap yard near me

People ask: Is there a scrap yard near me? 

Sell Your scrap below:

  • Get rid of them
  • Make some extra money.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • How Scrap yards work
  • How much you can make per kg
  • How to find a scrap yard near you

How Scrap Yards Work

How Scrap Yards Work

Scrap yards are businesses that purchase metal from individuals or businesses.
Sell it to metal processors or manufacturers.

They accept a wide range of metal items, including:

  • Copper wire
  • Aluminum cans
  • Brass fixtures
  • Even old appliances like refrigerators and washing machines.

When you bring your scrap metal to a scrap yard, they’ll:

  • Weigh it
  • Pay you based on the weight and type of metal.

How Much You Can Make per kg

How Much You Can Make per kg

The amount you can make per kg of scrap metal depends on:

  • The type of metal
  • The current market prices.
  • For example, copper and brass tend to be more valuable than aluminum or steel.
  • The price can also fluctuate based on supply and demand.

So, it’s important to keep an eye on the market. On average, you can expect to make anywhere from R5 to R25 per kg of scrap metal.

Finding a Scrap Yard Near You

Finding a Scrap Yard Near You

Start by:

  • Searching online directories
  • Using a search engine to look up “scrap yards near me.”
  • You can also ask friends or family if they know of any scrap yards in your area
  • Once you’ve found a few potential scrap yards, call or visit them to learn more about their pricing and policies.
  • Some scrap yards may offer pick-up services, while others may require you to bring the metal to their location.


Selling scrap to a scrap yard can be a great option. Just remember to:

  • Do your research
  • Find a reputable scrap yard near you
  • Ask about their pricing and policies
  • Keep an eye on the current market prices for scrap metal.
  • With a little effort, you can turn your unwanted metal items into cash.