Electronic waste recycling

Electronic waste recycling, formal e-scrap junkyard

Electronic waste recycling, formal e-scrap junkyard.

Electronic scrap should not be thrown out with the garbage!  It is considered to be a different kind of junk.  It is not good for these goods to land up in landfills.

That is why you need us!  The professional e-waste recycling plant.  Any unwanted broken electronics.  Even still working electronics are acceptable to us.

Because there is a lot of use for the parts on electronics we want those old things.

Moreover, we want to help the environment and so recycling is the perfect option.

We don’t just want the big stuff we want the small items too.  Like, power cables and CRT TVs.  

Besides, what are you going to do with any broken electronics?  Nothing?  Another reason to send it our way.

Contact our call center now for more information on collection and drop-off options.

Electronic waste recycling
Electronic waste recycling

The reliable electronic waste recycling professionals

The reliable electronic waste recycling professionals.

What is our mission?  Firstly, to care for the environment.  It means we want to clean up the garbage that is not needed.  For instance, the trash that is toxic to the air we breathe.

Secondly, to reuse what we can where we can. 

Thirdly, to make sure our customers are assured of our formal practices.  For example, data destruction procedures.

There is no need to create more pressure on our already affected environment.  We would rather make a difference.

We encourage you to be a part of this super adventure.

For the love of the environment

For the love of the environment, electronic waste recycling keeps doing its best.  Along with our passionate employees and our friendly approach, we never give up.

The earth needs us to care for it, not hurt it.  Recycling electronic waste can help the carbon footprint.  Less junk means a better future.

But it starts with all of us.  From the consumer to the scrap yard dealer.  Transparency and regulated procedures make the difference.

Choose electronic waste recycling because we care.  As well as because we are accredited.

Make a better world and support a company that supports environmental health.  We can help the world be a better place when we start with honesty.

Electronic waste recycling
Electronic waste recycling

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