Electronic scrap yards near me, we accept all e-waste

Electronic scrap yards near me, we accept all e-waste! Find us in your area for easy drop-off zones.

Trust us the verified electronic waste dealers.  Affiliated and certified with EWASA.

For more than 15 years, our company has built a name dependable and reliant.  Our recycling plant remains committed to environmental sustainability.  As we executed regulated procedures at all times.

We guarantee correct data destruction on all memory devices.  Following that, we issue a certificate of proof. Therefore we prefer to remain transparent.  Furthermore, we encourage our customers to feel free to ask any questions concerning the information.

The long history of our e-scrap facility has gained us a reputable name.

So, whether it is large amounts of electronic waste or just one or two items we accept it all.

Call us now for information.  Commercial and residential electrical equipment is accepted.

Electronic scrap yards near me
Electronic scrap yard near me

E-waste site and electronic scrap yard near me

The E-waste site and electronic scrap yard near me need your old cellphones.

Sell your e-scrap to formal recycling companies.  What is electronic scrap?  It is, for example, anything that has an electrical current. Like, a blender, a fax machine, washing machine, microwave, or lawnmower. 

Alternatively, it is components from gadgets like gaming consoles and computers.

There is a chance your company or home has old electronics hidden in a cupboard somewhere.  No longer in use, it is the perfect item to send to an electronic junkyard.

The simple answer is for us to take it off your hands.  Recycling helps the environment so, why not be a part of the solution.

The method

What is the method of electronic scrap yards near me

Choosing a formal recycling site like us is a good start.  Sadly, informal scrap development causes more damage.

Firstly, goods that are brought to us are sort through and separated.  As parts are either metal, plastic, glass, or ceramic.

Secondly, parts are further separated and either shredded or spared for new technology.

Finally, at electronic scrap yards near me, recyclable parts are sent to various customers.

Call us today and be a part of the recycling effort to save our planet.

Electronic scrap yards near me

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