Electronic scrap prices, best deals for old computer components

Electronic scrap prices, best deals for old computer components.  That broken laptop is worth money.  Don’t throw it away, we buy e-waste.

Gold and copper sometimes make up some of the electronic parts.  For instance, inside a computer or radio.

Some circuit boards in laptops contain gold.  Because it is suitable for electronics and is corrosion resistant. 

Aside from that other metals like aluminium and iron.  Metals such as these can be melted and reused in other electronics.

Consider any items you may have that you don’t use anymore.  Talk to our agents now for more information.  Find out about the rates we pay for electronic junk.

Other gadgets to consider for recycling:

-DVD players          -CD players          -CRT TVs          -Flat-screen TV          -Stereos and radios

VCR players            -Nintendo and PlayStation.

The list goes on.  Call us now!

Electronic scrap prices

The best electronic scrap prices

The best electronic scrap prices are paid out now for your computer scraps.

There is a chance you have more than one cellphone out of use at home.  Otherwise, companies may have cupboards filled with them.  We buy your junk cell phones.

Like laptops, phones have recyclable parts.  Either hardware is salvaged or used again.  Or shredded and melted. 

Be a part of a global solution and earn instant cash.  Simply contact us now for more information on the cash we offer for e-scrap.

Cash for e-scrap

Cash for e-scrap.  We offer you the most competitive electronic scrap prices.

How it works:

Our clients have the option of delivering or we collect e-scrap.  Talk to us about how our collection service benefits you.

Components and parts worth money are weighed.  We offer a no-obligation price quote for your items.

We pay cash for certain parts, feel free to inquire with us about more on this.

Any items like hard drives, laptops, and phones are data wiped.  It means data destruction for your protection.

We guarantee safe and effective ways and methods and issue certification of proof.

Electronic scrap prices may help you earn a little bit of extra side cash.  Call us now our operators are happy to assist with any questions.

Electronic scrap prices
Electronic scrap prices

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