Electronic scrap near me, who takes e-waste in Johannesburg

Electronic scrap near me, who takes e-waste in Johannesburg?  WE DO!

Affiliated and certified, you can trust that we are a verified electronic waste dealer.

For over 15 years, our company has had a reputable name.  As a responsible recycling plant, we guarantee our methods.  Our procedures are suitable for the environment. 

What happens to the computers and memory devices sent our way?  Firstly, we make sure of a data destruction method.  With that, we assure our procedures.  You are free to ask for a certificate of proof.

As we have said, our long service history has given us experience.  Our staff are highly trained and are reliable.

Contact our head office now for more on price per kilo offers on electronic junk.

Whether it is residential or commercial e-waste we want it!  Call us now for our collection services. 

-CRT TVs          -Flat screen TV          -Keyboards          -Laptops          -Radios          -Microwaves

-Washing machines          -Speakers          -Electric razors          -Power supplies

Electronic scrap near me

E-waste and electronic scrap near me

Where is an E-waste and electronic scrap near me?  Contact us for a collection service in your area now.

Our company buys e-junk.  What is electronic junk?  It is everything that has an on and off button.  For instance, a camera, tumble dryer, dishwasher, lawnmower. 

Otherwise, it is gadgets like external hard drives, earphones, CD-Roms and circuit boards.

Most households and companies have broken or out-of-service electronics lying around.

Instead of holding onto them or disposing of them in the trash, send it our way.

There is a lot of good that comes from recycling. 

How it works

What is the deal with electronic scrap near me?  Well, that is a good question.  Mostly it is all about saving the planet.  There is so much demand for new electronics all the time.  As a result, old electrical devices end up in the bin.  Sadly this causes unnecessary problems in landfills.

We encourage you to source electronic scrap near me now.  To help the carbon footprint.

We assure our recycling process is regulated and clean.  All materials are sort through and either sent to plants such as metal industries.  Alternatively, they are properly disposed to save the environment.

Electronic scrap near me
electronic scrap near me

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