Electronic disposal near me, dump e-scrap the right way

Electronic disposal near me, dump e-scrap the right way.  We are a recycling company that accepts all electronic junk. 

We are like a scrap yard but for redundant electronics like cameras and computers.

Moreover, we are a responsible team of individuals who work to look after the environment.

Apart from this, we make sure all of our procedures are transparent and above board.

With all of that said, we are dependable and trustworthy.  Our company guarantees regulated protocols are in place. 

Therefore you can trust that whatever junk electronics we receive we deal with correctly.

The big question is, what old devices do you have lying around that could be recycled?  Whatever they may be even a washing machine.  We want it!

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding our price offers.  We pay good money for valuable e-waste items.  For example, circuit boards and laptops.

We are proudly a recognized E waste management company in South Africa.  We choose to do business the right way.

electronic disposal near me
electronic disposal near me

Safe electronic disposal near me

Safe electronic disposal near me.  Find an e-waste bin in your area.  Contact us now for information on collection points in or around your area.

Many different components are salvaged from old devices like circuit boards.  They have valuable metals that can be reused in other devices.  In turn, this helps curb unnecessary waste.  It also helps the precious metal industry. 

The environment is under pressure as landfills pile up with waste.  We can help minimize this by recycling materials more often.

Along with glass, textiles, and paper, we can make a difference by choosing to recycle electronic scrap.

The benefit of our service is our experience and quality procedures.

Stop the crisis

Stop the crisis! Choose reliable electronic disposal near me, service.

When it comes to recycling the last thing we want to do is add to the problem.  Rather choose us as we follow regulations.  As South Africa’s demands increase on technology.  The rapid rate of electronic junk is astounding.

However, that also means taking responsibility for our planet.  As with most businesses, we must deal with companies that are above board.

We make sure we destroy hazardous materials correctly.  Plus, we issue certification for data destruction. 

There is electronic disposal near me, collection services for your convenience. 

electronic disposal near me
Electronic disposal near me

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