Electronic motor recycling near me, metal and e-waste dealers

Electronic motor recycling near me, metal and e-waste dealers.  

Have you got an old electric motor or electronic gadgets lying around?  Either they are broken, or outdated.  Perhaps you have the newer version and the other device has no use in your home.

WE WANT IT!  That old laptop, CPU box, cell phone, electric scooter, washing machine.  Whatever it is! If it has an on-off button we are interested. 

Electronics don’t need to pile up in a landfill.  The problem is greater than just too much of it.  The problem is also the hazardous and toxic materials that go with it.

Our company is a part of a global solution.  Because technology is in high demand, e-scrap in the tons is an issue.  Along with plastic, the increase of leftover electric bits and pieces rises every year.

The solution is simple, recycle and destroy electronic waste in a safe place. 

Electric motor recycling near me
Electric motor recycling near me

Safe electric motor recycling near me

Safe electric motor recycling near me

That is why you choose us!  Not only does our business have a 20-year long success story.  But we also have happy customers to back it up.

Our mission is to slow down e-waste.  With that, we are service-driven.  This means we depend on growing a relationship with our clients.  For the sake of the environment and people.

We are built on a foundation of trust and trustworthy services.

In addition, we are a dedicated team. 

It is important you believe we deliver what we say.  Therefore, we make every effort to be transparent about all of our procedures.

We shred it or save it

What is electric motor recycling near me? In brief,  we accept broken and old gadgets.  But we also accept working and unused devices.  You see, our service is for you and the next client.

Firstly, we sort through e-waste, some parts are shredded.  Other parts are reused. 

Secondly, our processes are accredited and we give full assurance of our methods.

Above all the service of electronic motor recycling near me cares!

Call us now for more information and e-scrap buyer details.

Electric motor recycling near me
Electronic motor recycling near me


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