E waste price list, great cash exchange for electronic waste

E waste price list, great cash exchange for electronic waste.  There are ethical standards to follow when it comes to recycling.  Such as how much money to pay out for goods.  As well as maintaining a transparent standard.

That transparency means we are trustworthy about our methods.  Which includes what we do with hazardous waste.  Also what happens to memory device data.

Detailed E-Waste Categories and Pricing Structure

E-Waste Prices per KG South Africa Average Cost
Mobile Phones
Feature Phones
R90 per kilogram
R35 per kilogram
Printers and Scanners
Large Format
R7.50 per kilogram
Li-ion (Lithium-ion)
NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride)
R8 per kilogram
Television & Monitors
CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes)
LED/LCD Screens
R1.50 per kilogram
Large Appliances
Washing Machines
Air Conditioners
R2.50 per kilogram
Small Appliances
Coffee Makers
R1.60 per kilogram
Other Electronics
Gaming Consoles
Electronic Toys
R6 per kilogram

You need to know that as part of an environmental effort we care.  Unlike a lot of companies that do not follow proper procedures.  We choose to keep all matters above board.

Excess electronic junk is a worldwide problem.  Therefore the making of recycling systems and companies like ourselves.

We ensure e-scrap is recycled either for parts like metal.  Or components like circuit boards and motherboards.

As various materials can be reused this industry is fast becoming popular for technology companies.

Contact us now for more information on our first-world methods.  Help save our environment!

E waste price list

Weight and materials the E waste price list

For what we pay on weight and materials, see our E waste price list

Now that you know we are a reputable e-scrap dealer, you can depend on our service.  Not only do we offer great service.  But we also offer great cash back for your goods.

Whatever it may be, either a broken laptop or a broken PC.  We pay money for these items and more. 

Our prices are considered according to weight and what materials are in it.  For example, some motherboards contain gold.  Otherwise, there are ferrous or non-ferrous metals.  For instance, copper and iron.   

Cash for e waste

Cash for e waste price list

Contact us now for the information you need.  Our service also includes a pick-up or drop-off option.

For information on data destruction, please feel free to chat with one of our consultants. 

Earn a pocket full of money for your electronic scrap.  Talk to an agent and ask for our e waste price list.

No matter the size, we want it.  Electronics range in all sorts of shapes and sizes, like a washing machine.  What about a CPU or UPS?  Perhaps you have upgraded systems.  Bring us the old now.

E waste price list

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