E waste pick up

E waste pick up, collection services in your area

E waste pick up, collection services in your area. 

We all have electronic waste in a cupboard stacked away.  Perhaps you are a large corporation with high technology demands?  What about all those old media devices?  Contact us now for a pick up service.

Our team is educated, with our skillful experience we know that data destruction is a must.  As your companies information may be sensitive we make sure it is wiped. 

Our IT technicians make sure every last detail is wiped before any memory device is clear.  With that, we issue certificates of proof for your peace of mind. 

We round up all electronic junk and sort through it.  Some item parts are reusable and are allocated accordingly. 

Rely on our formal methods of recycling.  Deal with us because we care about the future of our country and the land. 

E waste pick up
E waste pick up

The reliable e waste pick up truck

The e waste pick up truck. Contact us now and our pick up service will be at your door.  Collection services throughout Gauteng are available.

There is no reason to keep old electronics in the cupboard.  We know it can be a bother and it takes up unnecessary space.S o let us take it off your hands. 

Electronic junk may have components like copper and gold.  These parts are valuable are generally used again in other devices.  For example, a computer motherboard may have more than just gold.

Parts like metal and ceramics are recyclable.  Choose to be a part of a global effort.  Choose to recycle.

Just one call away

You are just one call away from clearing out e-scrap.  Call our e waste pick up.

Our agents are on standby to take your call.  Find out more with regards to cash for e-scrap.

We want your e-junk! We pay for e-junk.

All you need to do is call and the rest is up to us.  Our company accepts power cables, cell phones, and desktop computers.  All kitchen electric appliances like toasters and blenders.

Not only that but also radios, flatscreen TVs, wifi routers, circuit boards and more.

Trust e waste pick up and recycling.

E waste pick up
E waste pick up

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