E waste companies in South Africa, sell your electronic waste

E waste companies in South Africa sell your electronic waste. 

Our company maintains ethical recycling standards.  We payout fair rates for our electronic goods.  Actually, we are known for our trustworthy and transparent methods.

For example, whenever we perform data destruction, we certify it with documents.  We also make sure that hazardous materials are disposed of in the right way.

What are hazardous materials?  To name only two, components filled with cadmium and brominated flame retardants.  Aside from those we make sure it is all dealt with correctly.

We care about the environment.  You may know that planet takes a beating all the time from electronic waste.  Our mission is to help soften the blow.

Electronic junk is a worldwide issue.  Because of this, recycling is a serious business for the benefit of us all.

Our team constantly looks at keeping our standards high.  It means keeping every staff member accountable in all proceedings.

E waste companies in South Africa

Stick with the best E waste companies in South Africa

Stick with the best E waste companies in South Africa.  Why?  Firstly, to know you are dealing with a corporate professional team.

Secondly, it is vital to have business relations with people who are honest at all times.

Thirdly and most importantly to retain a good earth environment.

You can depend on our open and friendly service.  Call us now and chat with an agent about the prices we offer for e-scrap.

Each and every electronic junk item is a possible moneymaker for you. Like that old blackberry shoved in a cupboard.

We determine prices according to materials and weight.

Instant cash for e-scrap

Instant cash for e-scrap.  Contact E waste companies in South Africa.

Our team is happy to assist you now with any questions you may have.

Looking for a collection service for old office equipment?  No problem, talk to us now!

Deal with formal E waste companies in South Africa for peace of mind.

Our interests range from big to small electronic scrap.  For instance, microwaves, flatscreen TVs, external hard drives, laptops, and computers.

All of the above and so much more. 

E waste companies in South Africa
E waste companies in South Africa

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