E waste buyers, cash for your scrap computer

E waste buyers, cash for your scrap computer.  We also buy other electronic parts.  Such as, printer and fax machine parts.  Including circuit boards and motherboards.  Along with cellphones and external hard drives.  Whatever you no longer find the need for in electrical gadgets we buy.

Apart from these, we also pay cash for Flat-screen TVs and data storage media.

Not only do we take these goods off your hands.  But we make sure that the proper recycling procedures take place.

For example, data destruction.  This system makes sure all data from devices is permanently erased.  As some parts may be used in new devices it is important for your protection. 

Furthermore, if any parts are found to be fit for recycling.  For instance gold or metal.  It is sent to the relevant plants.

Otherwise, all leftover parts like hazardous materials are correctly disposed of.

E waste buyers

Contact the renowned e waste buyers

Contact the renowned e waste buyers.

Unlike some factories, we make sure that we adhere to recycling regulations.  The environment needs our help.  So, following a strict code of practice to re-purpose goods and do it properly.

The mission of our company.  To help towards a better tomorrow.  By finding ways to help communities.  As well as find ways to stop landfills from piling up unnecessarily.

The vision we have in mind is more about the planet and people.

A better environment

As e waste buyers in Pretoria and Johannesburg, we want a better environment.  It means less trash and more use of older gadgets.

We focus our aim on collecting and recycling as much as we possibly can.  We invite you to be a part of this mission.

Together we can make a difference.  So now it is up to you!  Contact us to find out more about how we can move forward together.

Our collection services are available in your area now.  Talk to our friendly operators.  As we said before, we are e waste buyers.  Sell us old gadgets and electronics. Put quick cash in your pocket today. 

Help our country be a part of a global effort.

E waste buyers

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Wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_recycling