E waste, the electronic junk masters and recycling specialists

E waste, electronic junk masters, and recycling specialists.  New technology is in high demand all the time.  The build-up of broken or unused electronics is fast becoming a global problem.

Where does the excess electronic junk go?  What do we do with it?

A lot of old devices pile up in our cupboards filling up space.  Alternatively, they pile up in landfills causing other problems.

Either option is never good.  Especially outdoors in the heat where hazardous materials can leak and cause toxic problems.  Like battery acid or mercury.

So now what?  Easy, call us the recycling masters.  We take any electronics off your hands.

A large amount of e-waste is recyclable.  Components find use in new technology.  As well as materials like metal are melted down for new use.

Call us now for solutions to old electronics you don’t need any more.  We offer cash for valuable e-scrap. 

E waste

E waste

Positive results from e waste recycling

Positive results from e waste recycling.  Be a part of the way out of too much waste.  Old devices and electronics are piling up in landfills.  This is a problem throughout the world.

It is proven that recycling metals and plastics help fix the problem of excess junk.  This is part of our mission.

Non-ferrous and ferrous metals may be in some of the devices you want to get rid of.  So then why not send it our way.  There is more use out of these materials than just being electronic junk.

In addition, our company also makes the effort to dispose of hazardous materials properly.

Feel free to call us now and find out more.

A better future for the world

E waste wants a better future for the world.  Therefore we keep our business formal and stick to regulations.  This ensures you have peace of mind using our services.

Our team has a responsibility not just to the environment but also to you our customers.

Procedures like data destruction are taken seriously at all times.  It means we understand your privacy and make every effort to maintain high standards.

Choose the best e waste dealers in town now!

E waste
E waste

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