Computer scrap yard near me, we buy electronic waste

Computer scrap yard near me, we buy electronic waste.  It should be noted that firstly we are a recycling company.

Secondly, even though we say scrap yard we aim to clean up the environment.

Thirdly, we are aware of and follow regulations that require genuine procedures.

Finally, because we adhere to protocols we have a trustworthy reputation.

Now with that out of the way, we want any scrap electronic junk you have.  Devices such as cellphones and external hard drives.  Or bigger gadgets like computers, PCs, TV screens and Hi-Fi sets. 

Along with all of those items we also buy e-waste like circuit boards and computer motherboards.  Alternatively, any cabling like power cables and data cables.

There is a chance one or many of these devices are lying in a cupboard collecting dust.  Because it is not wise to put it in the trash you decide to keep it locked away.  DON’T! We will gladly take it off your hands.

If your concerns are about data, you will be glad to know we perform data destruction.  Plus, we produce a certificate to prove it.

Computer scrap yard near me
Computer scrap yard near me

Reliable computer scrap yard near me

A reliable computer scrap yard near me.

Did you know parts like a circuit board and motherboard contain many components?  Some parts like gold and copper are perfect for new devices.  That is why our mission first began.  Because we want to slow down the hunt for new materials. 

By using what is already on hand helps the environment.  Not just from garbage piling up.  But it also helps in many other ways.

By choosing us, you are assured that we are interested in job creation.   And we are concerned about the planet.

Cleaner environments

Cleaner environments make for a better planet.  If you want a computer scrap yard near me, service.  You found us.

We are known for our strict policies and our transparent procedures.  We have built a good name.

The computer scrap yard near me, pick-up, and collection services are perfect.  Either for businesses or households.

Become a part of a family of environmentalists.  We strive to recycle every last bit of electronic waste.

Whatever cannot be recycled is correctly destroyed. 

Computer scrap yard near me
Computer scrap yard near me


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