Scrap metal Dealer Birchleigh

Welcome to Scrap Metal Dealer Birchleigh, we buy all your scrap, mainly non ferrous metals!

We are an established scrap metal company and have been around for many years. Our family owned company prides itself in straight honest dealings when it comes to exchanging your scrap metal for cash. Scrap Metal Dealer Birchleigh is quick efficient and same day collection. No stress or fuss we will take the scrap metal off your hands and give you the opportunity to benefit from it to!
All non ferrous metals are bought by us. These metals are graded differently in the market for there are different grades in every metal. Pricing always fluctuates on a daily basis. Non ferrous metals consist of Copper, Aluminium, Brass, and Stainless Steel. These metals are also graded according to the different grading of each metal.
Some of the scrap metal we buy:

  • All non ferrous metals Birchleigh
  • Tungsten tips scrap Birchleigh
  • Nickel scrap Birchleigh
  • Lead scrap Birchleigh
  • Bronze scrap Birchleigh
  • Scrap metal iron Birchleigh
  • Aluminium Birchleigh
  • Scrap brass Birchleigh
  • Copper Scrap Birchleigh
  • Stainless steel scrap metal Birchleigh
  • Scrap yard Birchleigh
  • Steel scrap Birchleigh

Where to sell scrap metal in Birchleigh?

We are well equipped to handle any scrap metal that you want to get rid of, be it big or small. All the metals are weighed on our SABS approved scales and weigh bridges especially if you are looking for scrap copper prices.
We are competitive in our pricing. Daily we as a scrap metal seller strive to give you the best price possible at scrap metal dealer Birchleigh. We will collect your scrap, pay you and leave you smiling.
We operate in the whole of Gauteng be it in Birchleigh or to the ends of Pretoria no distance is too far. Try us and we will bring great service and customer care to your door.
Call us for more information on your scrap metal removal, we will assist with quotations, metal prices, organization of collection of the scrap and any other queries you might have.
Don’t delay we are a call away and get your cash for scrap in Birchleigh.